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Water Environmental Schemes


Access to clean, safe water is something that many of us take for granted, and ensuring the quality of our water supplies relies upon the analysis performed by laboratories worldwide to prevent potentially harmful chemicals and microorganisms from entering the distribution networks. Our range of water and environmental proficiency testing schemes provide the opportunity to monitor laboratory quality on a global scale.

The Aquacheck scheme is one of the most comprehensive water chemistry schemes available, and is supported by complementary schemes for water microbiology, contaminated land, and stack emissions monitoring.


Water Chemistry (Aquacheck)

  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • A comprehensive range of real, synthetic and simulated test materials for the analysis of organic and inorganic chemicals, ecotoxicology and radiochemical parameters plus test materials for the Water Framework Directive
  • Test material in a range of matrices include clean and waste waters, agricultural soils, sewage sludges and more
  • Rapid reporting of results (4 working day turnaround)


Water Microbiology (QWAS)


  • UKAS accredited proficiency testing scheme
  • Microbiology of waters
  • Waters include - bathing, environmental, mineral, potable, process, recreational, surface, sea, wastewater and effluent sludge
  • Identification of single unknown organism
  • Paper exercise - colony count and calculation of number of microorganisms