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The Charm EZ system is configured for US customers with tests calibrated to US safe levels, and for international customers to detect at EU, CODEX, and Customs Union MRLs. It runs a wide variety of ROSA tests for beta-lactams, beta-lactams and flunixin, beta-lactams and tetracycline, chloramphenicol, quinolones, streptomycin, sulfonamides, tetracyclines, and aflatoxin M1.


The Charm EZ system:


  • Is a combined incubator and reader in one system

  • Automatically identifies the Charm ROSA test

  • Is fully customizable to meet your facility’s needs. Use to incubate and read tests; or, to perform batch testing, incubate separately and read results.

  • Will self-diagnosis common errors

  • Provides data redundancy and convenient transfer to a computer. The internal memory backs up 8000 test results; the SD card stores over 100,000 test results. Results are transferred to a PC using a standard USB cable or wirelessly. Results can also be transferred to a LIMS network.

  • Is configured in your choice of languages




  • Combined incubator and reader

  • Runs ROSA antibiotic tests for all major drug families

  • Detects antibiotics at safe levels or EU, CODEX, Customs Union MRLs

  • Detects aflatoxin M1

  • Automatically selects the correct test, incubation time, and temperature

  • Is self-diagnosing; finds and displays common errors for immediate correction

  • Can be used with external incubators to read test results

  • Provides data redundancy and easy data transfer to a computer

  • Has an easily removable plate for cleaning

  • Has a touch screen display

  • Is multilingual


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