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The Charm novaLUM ATP detection system is an ergonomically-designed luminometer used for:


  • ATP sanitation hygiene monitoring with the PocketSwab Plus, FieldSwab, WaterGiene, and AllerGiene
  • Pasteurization verification of dairy products with the PasLite and F-AP tests
  • Pesticide detection with CideLite




The novaLUM contains a very sensitive photomultiplier that accurately measures light. Light is given off by reactions in the swabs to indicate the presence of ATP (sanitation hygiene monitoring), of insecticides (pesticide detection), of acid phosphatase (undercooked meat detection), or of alkaline phosphatase (pasteurization verification).


Not only is the novaLUM extremely versatile, it is also easily customizable to your facility’s needs. Your Charm sales or service representative will assist you in programming your novaLUM with the names of the specific tests you will perform, so you have a completely automated test plan. Different pass/ fail thresholds can be assigned to single test areas or to categories.


The novaLUM enables organizations to optimize their SSOPs and meet the strictest audit requirements. Results are easily downloaded to novaLINK software for customization, analysis/ treading, and record-keeping.




  • Sensitive photomultiplier
  • Versatile; reads rapid tests for ATP sanitation hygiene monitoring, pasteurization verification, pesticide detection, and undercooked meat detection
  • Results in five seconds
  • Ergonomic, rugged design
  • Patented, open-chamber design; no lids, latches, or doors
  • Random sampling
  • Fully customizable with novaLINK software


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