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The software has been streamlined for simplicity, increasing testing throughput by reducing the time between collecting a sample and getting results. Our expert developers have optimised the analysis routines and hardware selection to get high quality analysis of petrochemicals, paper, polymers, minerals and general chemicals.

The large industrial-grade touch screen display makes it easy to see results including pass/fail judgments and SmartCheck messages that can provide instructions on how to handle a sample that is out of specification. To take full advantage of the flexibility of the LAB-X5000, advanced users can easily create calibrations for new applications.


XRF analysis with the LAB-X5000 is repeatable and reproducible for any operator in laboratories, production environments and mobile operations
- The easiest, fastest and more versatile LAB-X ever
- Software and hardware are optimized for high throughput testing
- User interface is inspired by our leading line of point-and-shoot handheld analysers
- The large industrial-grade touch screen is resistant to chemicals and clearly displays results and controls
- Atmospheric compensation allows all measurements to be taken in air path, eliminating the cost of external gases
- LAB-X5000 complies with ASTM D4294, ISO 8754, ISO 20847 and IP 33