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The X-MET8000 Expert Geo is a handheld XRF analyser for geochemistry applications including fast on-site environmental screening, mining exploration, planning and grade control. Easy to use and designed to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions, the X-MET8000 Expert Geo offers results in seconds with real time data sharing for fast decision making.The combination of our large area silicon-drift detector (SDD) and revolutionary superfast detector electronics BOOST™ technology provides up to 10 times the sensitivity of other handheld XRF models, delivering the low limits of detection required to measure critical elements accurately time after time.

Rugged for low cost of ownership
The X-MET8000 is designed to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions: it is IP54 compliant (equivalent to NEMA 3) for superior protection against dust and water and has been tested to MIL-STD-810G military standard for ruggedness. It features a large heat sink for optimum stability, even in hot environments (no need to wait for detector cooldown between analyses) and comes with a compact, rugged and waterproof case for transportation and storage. 


- X-ray tube : 50kV
- X-ray tube filters: Single
- Detector: Large area SDD
- Max. sample temperature : 100ºC or 400ºC with HERO™ heat resistant window (optional)
- IP54 rating
- Protection against detector window damage : Optional window shield
- Calibrations : Standard + automatic selection of empirical calibrations (traceable to certified reference materials)
- Integrated camera
- Small-spot collimator (Optional)
- 6-position filter wheel for the optimised analysis of all elements from Mg to U

Package include:

- Portable Bluetooth Printer
- Holster and Belt
- Benchtop Stand
- Light Stand and Safety Shield
- Light Radiation Shield
- Bluetooth Barcode Scanner