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6875D Freezer/Mill


The 6875D Freezer/Mill® is a high-throughput, dual chamber, cryogenic grinder with a self-contained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case. It chills samples in liquid nitrogen then pulverizes them with a magnetically driven impactor. It accommodates samples in the 0.1 gram to 200 gram range (100 per grinding chamber).

Get Higher Throughput with the 6875D Freezer/Mill® Cryogenic Grinder:


  • Magnetically driven impactor is the only moving part so there are no mechanical linkages or bearings to fail.
  • Auto-Fill System available for automated filling with liquid nitrogen.
  • Liquid nitrogen required for operation. Equipped with liquid nitrogen level sensor, insulated case and lid safety interlock switch for operator protection.
  • Grinding Vial Sets offered in a variety of materials including polycarbonate, stainless steel, and Cr-free steel. Sample vials maintain low level temperatures due to continuous immersion in liquid nitrogen.
  • Dual cryogenic grinding chambers processes up to 200 grams of sample. Each grinding chamber can hold one large grinding vial, one mid-size vial, four standard grinding vials or four microvial sets.
  • Easy use touch screen stores up to 20 user-defined grinding programs for easy quick recall. Also includes run history, training videos, manuals and accessories.
  • Heat sensitive metabolites, isomers and complex molecules retain their composition as they are not degraded by heat or pressure.
  • Safety features include LN sensor and lid interlock. Cryogenic grinding process stops if the lid is opened while the mill is running.


Typical Samples: Plant and animal tissue, plastic and polymers, yeast, pharmaceuticals, food products, electronic components, textiles, hair & bones.


Dimensions 20 in. (50.8 cm) x 21½ in. (53.34 cm) x 25½ in. (64.77 cm)
Voltage 115V/60HZ or 230/50HZ
Net Weight 75 lbs (34 Kg)
Power Cord 3-prong grounded plug, 115V 60Hz or 2-prong European plug, 230V / 50Hz
Timer/Controls Touch-screen programmable controls for grinding cycles, time, impact rate, pre-cooling and cooling times. Stores 20 grinding programs.
CE Approved Yes